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The Steel City

December 18, 2011


I apologize for the lack of content recently – I was pressed for time, between finishing up my psych rotation and relocating to Pittsburgh for a family medicine clerkship. The drive wasn’t bad – in fact, I made it here from Philly in only 4 hours.  But when I decided to check out my accommodations, […]

The Dog Days Are Over

May 6, 2011


That’s it!  Yesterday, I tamed the beast known as the USMLE Step 1 – and not a moment too soon (I’m not sure how much longer I could have kept up with the schedule I set for myself). Because my brain is fried, and so that those of you who aren’t medical students or physicians […]

Brief Hiatus

April 17, 2011


My apologies to those who subscribe for the unannounced hiatus.  I’m studying “full-time” for the USMLE, and won’t be composing anything new until after May 5th (I do have a few drafts & recipes that may go up).  In the meantime, please visit the blogroll to your right and enjoy some AF-approved content. “There are […]

Government Shutdown Perspective: “Leaders Eat Last”

April 8, 2011


I try to keep my political opinions to myself – this blog has no political agenda, and never will – but I think people need to read this, regardless of their views on abortion, war, and public spending. Earlier today I received an e-mail from those who run my scholarship program, informing us that we […]

Snapshots | Bubble Trouble

March 8, 2011


Last year, I lived near a pretty cool store geared towards “science enthusiasts.”  I signed up for their newsletter, mostly because I’m a nerd.  I never really expected anything amazing to show up in my inbox – how wrong I was:   Surprisingly, that’s not the worst offender in the “Unintentionally Perverted Toys for Children” […]

Ignorance is Bliss

February 28, 2011


La belle indifférence is a phrase sometimes encountered in psychiatry,  often associated with conversion disorder, used to describe a lack of appropriate concern for a physical symptom.  Now, I don’t speak French, but if you asked me to translate that literally, I’d give you “the beautiful indifference,” or “blissful ignorance.” Well, whatever the hell it […]

“Make it Happen” at RIM Café

February 23, 2011


This blog was never intended to have reviews of restaurants or other establishments, but I’m making an exception: South Philly is a unique place – and you can find absolutely anything in the Italian Market – but I never thought I’d find something as unique as RIM Café. Owner & sole operator René will treat […]