“Make it Happen” at RIM Café

Posted on February 23, 2011


The Master at Work!

This blog was never intended to have reviews of restaurants or other establishments, but I’m making an exception:

South Philly is a unique place – and you can find absolutely anything in the Italian Market – but I never thought I’d find something as unique as RIM Café.

Owner & sole operator René will treat you like family from the moment you walk through the door and past the ATM nestled in the corner (you may need it – cash only, my friends).

He’ll put on a hell of a show as he prepares his specialties before your eyes – everything’s done with energy & enthusiasm (and who knows how many thousands of times he’s made RIM’s signature drink, the Volcano).  René will share his stories and humorous wisdom with you while you enjoy your beverage or one of his delicious truffles.  You’re also sure to hear his famous phrase: 

“Make it happen!”

Want one of these delicious selections shaved into your drink? Just ask!

Be sure to bring your friends or someone you love for a great bonding experience (and if you’re bold enough to bring a date, he’ll practically charm the pants off him or her for you – you’ve been warned).  One thing that’s promised, besides hospitality, is interaction – René will take pictures and videos of you (and you, him) while you dance to his eclectic soundtrack, and may even ask you to use his iPad to post a message to his Facebook page.

Take my word, this place is really incredible, or it wouldn’t get a recommendation from a no-frills guy like me.  Some advice?  Take a look at the menu, because when you arrive you’ll be too overwhelmed by the generous and welcoming René to make a decision (but hurry – René travels to his home to Nice, France from time to time):

If it's your first time, ordering a "Volcano" is mandatory.