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FDA Loosens Belt on Gastric Banding Criteria

February 19, 2011


(The Health Wrap-Up is on hiatus this weekend) Some people are up in arms over the FDA’s decision to sanction the use of gastric banding in a wider range of patients.  This news coming in the wake to reject three more weight-loss drugs – solutions many physicians (bariatric surgeons included) have been hoping for. Many […]

Get Off Your Ass, America

February 18, 2011


Even with the growing mountain of evidence against a sedentary lifestyle, Americans still struggle when it comes to the issue of getting enough activity. This Wednesday, the CDC released a new report with new activity estimates for all U.S. counties.   The conclusion?  “Americans who live in parts of Appalachia and the South are the least […]

The Bill Fairy Isn’t Coming

February 15, 2011


I can’t help it.  He’s a divisive man, but I still love New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.  Just as Jay-Z suggests, a Brooklyn boy might take some gettin’ used to. In this video from earlier this year, Rep. Weiner does a great job of explaining why leaving Americans uninsured costs us all more money: Though, […]

“Truly Unconscionable,” Indeed.

January 23, 2011


“We believe the rates are appropriate.” That was the response of a Blue Shield spokesman when the company’s recently announced rate hikes were questioned.  Subscribers in California may see their premiums rise by as much as 59%.  Blue Cross Anthem & others are doing the same. Remember that segment on the Nightly News, “The Fleecing […]