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2011-2012: The Year in Clinicals

August 8, 2012


It’s easy to get caught up in the tests and scutwork that dominate the third and fourth years of medical school.  Students are eager to get out of the classroom and into the hospital full-time, but that enthusiasm often fades with each fax, copy, or phone call that must be placed, and can turn to […]

Clerkship Advice | Internal Medicine

November 28, 2011


For most third year medical students, the internal medicine clerkship is make-or-break — it’s where we get to flex our diagnostic muscles and probably where we get our first real taste of autonomy in patient care.  Our performance here will be scrutinized by residency directors as they evaluate our fitness for their program. The clerkship […]

Doctors Should Be Prescribing A Third Wheel

August 19, 2011


When a patient shows up for a doctor’s appointment with a companion, I often find myself studying (and later, interacting with) them as much as I do the patient.  Most times, a quick review of body language is all I need to make an assessment – is this person looking out for the interests of […]

5 Super Foods for Super Heart Health

July 22, 2011


This guest post was written by Ashley from Long Island Heart Associates. For questions about heart health and aging, contact a local cardiologist today. It is an unfortunate misconception that foods must either taste good or be good for you. While some kids may turn their noses up at anything green on the dinner table, […]

Harvard Researchers Challenge Conventional Weight Loss Wisdom

July 19, 2011


As we are reminded that obesity is still a problem in America, and the USDA tries again to revise its image, it becomes more important by the day to help people learn how to stop the process of packing on those extra pounds each year.  A long-term study recently published in the New England Journal […]

Clerkship Advice | Third Year Surgery

July 12, 2011


The third year of medical school can be just as scary as it is exciting.  It’s great when you have someone who can tell you what to expect on your rotations, but that’s not always the case.  Because of that, I’m planning on summarizing most of my clerkships so other medical students may benefit. I […]

How to Crush the USMLE Step 1

May 14, 2011


The sympathetic nervous system mediates the classic “fight or flight” response – pupils dilate, the heart races, sphincters contract, and hair stands on end.  “If you have a cat at home, put his favorite food in a dish. Then just before he starts to eat, snatch the dish away. Before he scratches you, look at […]