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Mind Your Manners

January 1, 2014


As the only year in which I have been both a medical student and a doctor drew to a close, I reflected on my new career.  In little more than 6 months, my level of responsibility will expand again, and I will be approving the decisions of the incoming flock of freshly-minted physicians (the only […]

2011-2012: The Year in Clinicals

August 8, 2012


It’s easy to get caught up in the tests and scutwork that dominate the third and fourth years of medical school.  Students are eager to get out of the classroom and into the hospital full-time, but that enthusiasm often fades with each fax, copy, or phone call that must be placed, and can turn to […]

Time to Ditch the BMI?

June 22, 2012


I’ve been interested in health and nutrition since I started playing high school sports.  During my 3 year stint as a personal trainer, I developed a distinct opinion of the Body Mass Index (or BMI – the most widely used anthropomorphic measurement in medicine):  it’s not a very good tool. My issue with BMI began […]

Clerkship Advice | Internal Medicine

November 28, 2011


For most third year medical students, the internal medicine clerkship is make-or-break — it’s where we get to flex our diagnostic muscles and probably where we get our first real taste of autonomy in patient care.  Our performance here will be scrutinized by residency directors as they evaluate our fitness for their program. The clerkship […]

Doctors Should Be Prescribing A Third Wheel

August 19, 2011


When a patient shows up for a doctor’s appointment with a companion, I often find myself studying (and later, interacting with) them as much as I do the patient.  Most times, a quick review of body language is all I need to make an assessment – is this person looking out for the interests of […]

Problems With Clinical Mentorship

June 22, 2011


As I finished my 24-hour call this morning, I was reminded of a 2009 study revealing a decline in empathy as medical students transition from their mostly-didactic second year to third year, which is essentially an apprenticeship in the hospital with lecture as an afterthought.  I began my third year with what most would argue […]

Government Shutdown Perspective: “Leaders Eat Last”

April 8, 2011


I try to keep my political opinions to myself – this blog has no political agenda, and never will – but I think people need to read this, regardless of their views on abortion, war, and public spending. Earlier today I received an e-mail from those who run my scholarship program, informing us that we […]