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Steps to Prevent Diabetes

October 8, 2011


I recently took care of a patient who, very unfortunately, had undiagnosed type II diabetes and presented in a state known as Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome (HHNS) – his blood sugar on presentation was ~1,000 mg/dL.  HHNS is a very serious complication of untreated diabetes, but can happen to any type II diabetic with poor […]

FDA Loosens Belt on Gastric Banding Criteria

February 19, 2011


(The Health Wrap-Up is on hiatus this weekend) Some people are up in arms over the FDA’s decision to sanction the use of gastric banding in a wider range of patients.  This news coming in the wake to reject three more weight-loss drugs – solutions many physicians (bariatric surgeons included) have been hoping for. Many […]

Get Off Your Ass, America

February 18, 2011


Even with the growing mountain of evidence against a sedentary lifestyle, Americans still struggle when it comes to the issue of getting enough activity. This Wednesday, the CDC released a new report with new activity estimates for all U.S. counties.   The conclusion?  “Americans who live in parts of Appalachia and the South are the least […]

Weekend Health Wrap-Up | February 12th, 2011

February 12, 2011


Good morning, here’s a sample of what’s been cooking recently in the world of health research: Diet Soda May Carry Cardiovascular Risk:  In a preliminary report published this week, researchers suggested that “diet soda is not an optimal substitute for sugar-sweetened beverages, and may pose a greater risk of stroke, MI or vascular death than […]

What I’m Eating | Whole Grain Ricotta Pancakes

January 26, 2011


I decided to take a snow day because a couple of lectures on dermatology and arthritis simply weren’t worth the dangerous road conditions (don’t worry, I’ll be streaming them later).  I rarely have time to cook anymore, so I took this opportunity to try a new pancake recipe.  These turned out to be some of […]

America’s Kids Get a Referral to Dr. Seuss

January 25, 2011


Dr. Seuss wasn’t a physician, but his stories may be just what the doctor ordered.  A study published yesterday in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that shorter sleep and/or irregular sleep patterns pose a health risk to children. “Conclusions:   Obese children were less likely to experience “catch-up” sleep on weekends, […]

Spend more time in your kitchen.

January 8, 2011


Slate Labs recently posted this interactive map detailing what are called “food deserts” (that’s one S, not two, fatty) – areas where people report both not having a vehicle and the nearest grocery store >1 mile away.  The implication is that people in food deserts eat a majority of processed/prepared food from restaurants and convenience […]