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Mind Your Manners

January 1, 2014


As the only year in which I have been both a medical student and a doctor drew to a close, I reflected on my new career.  In little more than 6 months, my level of responsibility will expand again, and I will be approving the decisions of the incoming flock of freshly-minted physicians (the only […]

The Importance of the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination

March 29, 2013


This guest post was written by Dr. Mark Swartz, M.D.  Please see the author bio below for more information. The Importance of the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination “Do you smoke, drink coffee or consume alcohol? If you answered yes—how often?” As a patient, you may feel overwhelmed having to answer each question as […]

March Madness

March 27, 2013


If you know me personally, you know I don’t really care for sports – but whether or not you’re into college hoops, if you’re a 4th year medical student in the U.S., March means only one thing:  Match Day. Before completing their final year of training, senior medical students participate in the competitive application process […]

Medical Challenge | Sudden Pain

March 23, 2013


Case:  A 43 year old female presents to the emergency department complaining of sudden-onset, sharp, left-sided abdominal pain that radiates to the groin, followed by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Based on the images and history provided above, what is the most likely diagnosis? A) Appendicitis B) Diverticulitis C) Hernia D) Nephrolithiasis (kidney stone) E) Ruptured […]

Medical Apps – Making Life Just That Little Bit Easier

January 27, 2013


This guest post was written by Niqui Stubbs.  Niqui is a 4th year medical student from Leeds, who in her spare time enjoys writing about make-up and fashion at her blog “Confessions of an Addict” – you can also follow Niqui on Twitter (@NiquiB_). —    So, I’ve made it to 4th year. There were […]

Mediku | Café World

January 10, 2013


ICU beds are limited, and are much more expensive than “regular” floor beds (costing up to thousands of dollars each day).  Therefore, patients in the ICU are frequently assessed & re-assessed for the level of care their illness necessitates – their “candidacy” for ICU-level care, if you will.  Clinical evaluations aside, there are certain signs […]

Mediku | Well, I’m Allergic to Bullsh*t

October 20, 2012


This mediku comes from my buddy Vince (@ER_DrTobe2013) and was inspired by an all-too-common occurrence in his field of his choice, Emergency Medicine.  Patients who are so-called “frequent-fliers” are often mysteriously allergic to first-tier painkillers, but not “that one that begins with.. a D, I think?”  Enjoy: My back is hurting I’m allergic to morphine […]