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Answer to Medical Challenge | Bloody Nose

February 5, 2014


**If you would like another chance to read the challenge before seeing the answer, click here.  Scroll down for the answer.  **         ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–  The correct answer is C) Acute promyelocytic leukemia.  This was a challenging case and differential, but the presentation and smear were classic and are exactly what you would be […]

Time Out – Does Milk Ruin Tea Time?

September 22, 2012


For centuries, certain cultures have customarily added milk to fresh-brewed tea – but in recent years, scientists in laboratories around the world have been “hotly” debating whether this seemingly-benign practice may actually inhibit some of the already well-established health benefits of tea drinking. The topic arose recently in the oncology clinic (of all places), when […]

How Colonoscopies Save Lives

April 7, 2011


Recently, I was speaking with my father and the topic of his next colonoscopy came up.   After I gave him due praise for scheduling his appointment, he asked if it’s really worth it to have one done as often as is recommended.  I’d like to share with you some of the things I told […]

Ann Coulter Extols Radiation Exposure “Benefits”

March 22, 2011


Professional conservative troll Ann Coulter attempted to discredit fears regarding Japan’s nuclear disaster during a segment aired this week on The O’Reilly Factor by telling viewers “radiation is good for you.” Coulter claimed that a “stunning number” of physicists believe radiation is good for you, and went on to cite several studies that revealed a […]

Celebrity Advice is Bad for Your Health

March 19, 2011


Common cold?  Give me those antibiotics, I don’t care if you say they won’t work for a viral infection!  Breast cancer?  Chemotherapy is poison, I’ll take my chances!  Got any of those bioidentical hormones? I can’t help but notice a funny mentality many Americans seem to hold (no, not funny like a clown, Joe).  People […]

The Complexity of Care in the 21st Century

March 15, 2011


Recently, a friend sent me a text message with a rather conservative back-of-the-envelope calculation putting the number of lecture slides we’ve seen since October 2009 at roughly 41,000.  Talk about PowerPoint Hell.  That got me thinking:  how many questions have I answered in that same time period? Here’s the conservative estimate, not including quizzes, workshops, […]

Controversy Over New HPV Vaccine Guidelines

February 1, 2011


A vaccination policy statement released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics has already drawn fire from a number of anti-vaccine groups, specifically for its endorsement of vaccination against HPV infection in boys. First, let’s examine exactly what the AAP added to its guidelines regarding the HPV4 & HPV2 vaccines: “HPV4 may be administered in […]