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Mind Your Manners

January 1, 2014


As the only year in which I have been both a medical student and a doctor drew to a close, I reflected on my new career.  In little more than 6 months, my level of responsibility will expand again, and I will be approving the decisions of the incoming flock of freshly-minted physicians (the only […]

Mediku | Pincushins

October 14, 2012


This month, I’m spending my days working with a rheumatology practice.  It’s interesting to see the kinds of things the group is consulted on in the hospital – but in the office it’s mostly NSAIDs and knee-injections, which inspired this mediku. “Doc, my joint’s in pain!” Hmm . . . stick a needle in it […]

2011-2012: The Year in Clinicals

August 8, 2012


It’s easy to get caught up in the tests and scutwork that dominate the third and fourth years of medical school.  Students are eager to get out of the classroom and into the hospital full-time, but that enthusiasm often fades with each fax, copy, or phone call that must be placed, and can turn to […]

At Odds: Quantity vs. Quality

April 27, 2012


As a medical student who just completed this third year of training, I took special interest in Dr. Pauline Chen’s recent article about Harvard Medical School’s “Integrated Clerkship” – a program that eliminates traditional block-style clerkships and asks students to follow a panel of “up to 100 patients” longitudinally over the course of a year […]

Pediatrics in the Hood

April 18, 2012


I thought my last clerkship as a third year medical student deserved something more memorable than the typical medical haiku I write.  In its stead I submit to you a David Letterman style Top Ten, drawn 100% from actual events. So, without further ado: The Top Ten Signs You are a Medical Student Practicing Pediatrics […]

Childhood Obesity: The Elephant in the Room

March 30, 2012


Since March is National Nutrition Month, and because I’m still on my pediatrics clerkship, I thought “What better time to write about childhood obesity?” In recent years, childhood overweight and obesity statistics have received a good deal of media attention, but this has done little to slow their rise.  Data from the National Health and […]

Mediku | You Say ‘To-may-toh,’ I Say ‘To-mah-toh’

March 11, 2012


So, as Obstetrics & Gynecology comes to a close, I’ve noticed something – just as in other surgical specialties, old school docs and nurses love to use the term “sontimeter” in place of centimeter.  In fact, I’ve been hearing it twice as much because of the frequency ultrasounds are discussed in this specialty. Anyway, I […]