Mediku | Family Medicine

Posted on February 19, 2012


Family medicine docs don’t have it easy – they have to triage up to a dozen complaints per patient and decide what to address at the current visit and what can/should wait, ensure the patient is being treated in a manner consistent with plans laid out at previous visits (often by another doctor), and they’re responsible for keeping patients up to date on their immunizations.

When a patient has multiple comorbidities and poor compliance, it can get pretty messy.  I recall skimming the chart of a diabetic patient before seeing her and noticing she was taken off her ACE-inhibitor in August due to an intolerable cough (a known/common side effect of this class of drugs), but was never switched to an ARB (standard of care for a diabetic) – it was now January.

Things like this weren’t uncommon, as were patients with complaints we unfortunately couldn’t do much about – chronic pain, lingering dizziness or other vague neurological symptoms with normal imaging, etc.  At times, it felt like all we did was offer patients Motrin and a flu shot, inspiring this Mediku:

Too many complaints

Can’t focus, ADHD

Hey, got your flu shot?

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