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The Steel City

December 18, 2011


I apologize for the lack of content recently – I was pressed for time, between finishing up my psych rotation and relocating to Pittsburgh for a family medicine clerkship. The drive wasn’t bad – in fact, I made it here from Philly in only 4 hours.  But when I decided to check out my accommodations, […]

Clerkship Advice | Internal Medicine

November 28, 2011


For most third year medical students, the internal medicine clerkship is make-or-break — it’s where we get to flex our diagnostic muscles and probably where we get our first real taste of autonomy in patient care.  Our performance here will be scrutinized by residency directors as they evaluate our fitness for their program. The clerkship […]

Clerkship Advice | Third Year Surgery

July 12, 2011


The third year of medical school can be just as scary as it is exciting.  It’s great when you have someone who can tell you what to expect on your rotations, but that’s not always the case.  Because of that, I’m planning on summarizing most of my clerkships so other medical students may benefit. I […]

Mediku | Smooth Move

July 1, 2011


As my surgery clerkship winds down, I’d like to share with you a pearl of wisdom I gleaned from my first resident as he was teaching an intern which common orders to write for post-op patients. What do patients need? “A god damn stool softener!” Says my resident. See?  Being a surgeon is easy.  Stay […]

Mediku | MD/PhD

May 18, 2011


I don’t know what it is about MD/PhD students – I suppose it’s the personalities such programs tend to attract – but they have almost always rubbed me the wrong way.  A moment alone with one on my surgery team today renewed my distaste. I’m a pretty simple guy:  I don’t go out of my […]