Mediku | Café World

Posted on January 10, 2013


ICU beds are limited, and are much more expensive than “regular” floor beds (costing up to thousands of dollars each day).  Therefore, patients in the ICU are frequently assessed & re-assessed for the level of care their illness necessitates – their “candidacy” for ICU-level care, if you will.  Clinical evaluations aside, there are certain signs that let us know it’s time for a patient to leave (complaining about the food or that there aren’t enough channels on the television are two of my favorites).

This mediku is inspired by a patient who was an inappropriate overnight admission to the ICU to begin with.  By the time we rounded on her in the morning, she was feeling well enough to show us her “Café World” app – yep, time to go.



GI bleed lady,
Showing me your iPhone games
…Out of my unit

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