“Truly Unconscionable,” Indeed.

Posted on January 23, 2011


“We believe the rates are appropriate.”

That was the response of a Blue Shield spokesman when the company’s recently announced rate hikes were questioned.  Subscribers in California may see their premiums rise by as much as 59%.  Blue Cross Anthem & others are doing the same.

Remember that segment on the Nightly News, “The Fleecing of America”?  Well, it would be befitting to refer to the current trend in health insurance premiums the remorseless, unmitigated plundering of America.

What’s most insulting is the way they deflect responsibility.  Read this statement by Blue Shield CEO Bruce Bodaken regarding the rate hikes and note the passive rhetoric:

“We regret that our members have received significant rate increases in recent months and want to be absolutely certain that the rates reflect our actual cost of providing medical care.”

Watch this clip – I want you to remember it the next time you hear a politician or anyone else try to scare you by telling you that reformed health care (that is, reforming it the right way) will result in the “rationing” (ration is defined by Webster’s as:  to use sparingly or distribute equitably) of the care you, supposedly currently, so gainfully enjoy.  Ask any physician – rationing occurs now, and by people who truly don’t value the health of Americans:

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