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How Colonoscopies Save Lives

April 7, 2011


Recently, I was speaking with my father and the topic of his next colonoscopy came up.   After I gave him due praise for scheduling his appointment, he asked if it’s really worth it to have one done as often as is recommended.  I’d like to share with you some of the things I told […]

Does Size Matter?

March 31, 2011


Fortunately, at least when it comes to dementia and certain brain injuries, the answer is no.  That’s thanks to something referred to as one’s “cognitive reserve.” When comparing the two images, you might assume that the owner of the brain on the left has severely reduced mental capacity – but you’d be wrong.  That decimated […]

Ann Coulter Extols Radiation Exposure “Benefits”

March 22, 2011


Professional conservative troll Ann Coulter attempted to discredit fears regarding Japan’s nuclear disaster during a segment aired this week on The O’Reilly Factor by telling viewers “radiation is good for you.” Coulter claimed that a “stunning number” of physicists believe radiation is good for you, and went on to cite several studies that revealed a […]

The Complexity of Care in the 21st Century

March 15, 2011


Recently, a friend sent me a text message with a rather conservative back-of-the-envelope calculation putting the number of lecture slides we’ve seen since October 2009 at roughly 41,000.  Talk about PowerPoint Hell.  That got me thinking:  how many questions have I answered in that same time period? Here’s the conservative estimate, not including quizzes, workshops, […]

Weekend Health Wrap-Up | March 5th, 2011

March 5, 2011


I didn’t have much time to peruse the research this week, but here is the cream of the crop.  -Jim Have (another) banana:  We are used to hearing guidelines about sodium restriction in our diets, but rarely hear about the benefits of including more servings of foods rich in potassium (at least not directly).  This […]

What is Needed for Supplements and Vitamins – Toni Brayer, MD

March 2, 2011


This is a great, concise article about 4 of the most commonly taken OTC supplements, written by Dr. Toni Brayer at her blog Everything Health (please visit from here or my links section).  I liked it so much, I asked Dr. Brayer for permission to cross-post it.  I included one note on omega-3 fatty acids, […]

Weekend Health Wrap-Up | February 26th, 2011

February 26, 2011


Good morning!  Here is this week’s selected health news (*spoiler* I hope you’re eating a big bowl of whole grains as you read this): More evidence for alcohol’s cardiovascular benefits: I had to start out with everyone’s favorite – alcohol.  Once again, researchers have concluded that consumption of alcohol in moderation is associated with a […]