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5 Super Foods for Super Heart Health

July 22, 2011


This guest post was written by Ashley from Long Island Heart Associates. For questions about heart health and aging, contact a local cardiologist today. It is an unfortunate misconception that foods must either taste good or be good for you. While some kids may turn their noses up at anything green on the dinner table, […]

Harvard Researchers Challenge Conventional Weight Loss Wisdom

July 19, 2011


As we are reminded that obesity is still a problem in America, and the USDA tries again to revise its image, it becomes more important by the day to help people learn how to stop the process of packing on those extra pounds each year.  A long-term study recently published in the New England Journal […]

Clerkship Advice | Third Year Surgery

July 12, 2011


The third year of medical school can be just as scary as it is exciting.  It’s great when you have someone who can tell you what to expect on your rotations, but that’s not always the case.  Because of that, I’m planning on summarizing most of my clerkships so other medical students may benefit. I […]

Problems With Clinical Mentorship

June 22, 2011


As I finished my 24-hour call this morning, I was reminded of a 2009 study revealing a decline in empathy as medical students transition from their mostly-didactic second year to third year, which is essentially an apprenticeship in the hospital with lecture as an afterthought.  I began my third year with what most would argue […]

USDA Dumps Food Pyramid for Younger, More Curvaceous Figure

June 7, 2011


The USDA has recently released it’s new concept, the food plate, to replace the iconic food pyramid it introduced in 1992 (and modified in 2005).  At its release, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack criticized the food pyramid for being “too complex to serve as a quick and easy guide for American families” – I completely agree, […]

How to Crush the USMLE Step 1

May 14, 2011


The sympathetic nervous system mediates the classic “fight or flight” response – pupils dilate, the heart races, sphincters contract, and hair stands on end.  “If you have a cat at home, put his favorite food in a dish. Then just before he starts to eat, snatch the dish away. Before he scratches you, look at […]

Tips for Navigating the Supermarket

March 11, 2011


Taking a trip to the grocery store can be more dangerous than you’d think.  Waiting for you in each and every aisle are marketing ploys aimed at suppressing your better reasoning, the ultimate result being you making poor dietary or financial decisions – whether you know it or not (enter the 100 calorie pack, my […]