Medical Challenge | X-Ray Interpretation

Posted on July 14, 2011


I really enjoy when some of the blogs I read post medical challenges for their readers, and I think I’m ready to start doing it from time to time here on my own.  Because I’m currently rotating through radiology, I think it’s appropriate to begin with the interpretation of a radiograph.

You are the radiologist on call and are asked to interpret this chest x-ray of a 56 year old male who presented to the trauma bay after being struck by a motor vehicle while riding his bike home from work.

What’s the diagnosis?

A)  Massive left hemothorax (blood in the chest)

B)  Right pneumothorax (collapsed lung/air in the chest)

C)  Right pneumothorax & left hemothorax

D)  Left pneumonectomy (lung removed)

E)  Ruptured left diaphragm

The answer will be posted in 24-48 hours, good luck!

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