Snapshots | The [Antisocial] Spy Who Loved Me

Posted on February 11, 2011


I recently took a quiz with a question I found so silly, I just had to snap a picture of it:

James Bond antisocial

I only chose the correct answer because there was no option for "Badass Personality Disorder" - which is a real disease. I know, because I suffer from it.

  • First, this question is ridiculous because to answer it correctly, one would have considerable knowledge about the actions and intent of a fictional character (believe it or not, there were plenty of people who were unfamiliar with the films, especially foreign students).
  • Second, this question is ridiculous because the person who wrote it is obviously not very familiar with the films, because Bond does, in fact, “go rogue,” as it were.
  • Finally, this question is ridiculous because several classmates of mine made convincing arguments that James Bond, the character, does not actually fulfill the DSM-IV TR criteria for antisocial personality disorder (decide for yourself).  There have also been various portrayals of Bond, and the Bond from the novels is not the same as the Bond from the movies, and so on (some people were quite upset over the issue).

Yes, reader, medical students around the United States are answering difficult questions like this every day so that we’ll be able to take better care of you when you show up clutching your chest in your local Emergency Department.

I know, I know.  You’re welcome.