State of the Union 2011

Posted on January 25, 2011


Just some thoughts I need to put out there:

  • Education reform – yes, please.  And let’s get my teacher friends employed while we’re at it
  • First (of many) State of the Union address to include the terms “Facebook” and “Google”
  • Olivia Snowe clearly got the memo about symbolic dress (Candy Crowley clearly didn’t – facepalm), but I’m pretty sure blue & red don’t make bright magenta
  • I actually clapped from my couch when Barry spoke about DADT repeal
  • Biden was way too happy to receive a shout out.  I wonder if Obama screens his calls
  • I didn’t know the “Tea Party Response” was a legitimate thing that’s supposed to occur after the address (but I’m pretty sure Bachmann just took herself out of the running 2012)

The creation of America was a miracle, let’s hope for another? I feel like I’m watching a movie.  If I may borrow a quote from “David After Dentist” – is this real life?

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